Solaris Saga

Solaris Seeks

book 2


Regret is the bane of every heart.


Following the tragic battle with Klanor, sorrow fills the crew aboard Solaris. Rynah locks herself in her quarters, refusing to speak with the others, but Solaris convinces her to put aside her grief and continue the mission Marlow had entrusted to her. During a meeting in the ship’s galley, Rynah and the crew resolve to pursue the next crystal.


While on their way to a volcanic planet where the crystal is rumored to be, Rynah and her crew are almost killed by an ion storm and are forced to land on an outlying planet. While there, Rynah dreams she hears a familiar voice screaming her name, a voice with a startling message: Brie is still alive!


But where is she?


What other Amazon customers are saying...


“I can't wait for the next book to come out so I can add that to my reading list. Enjoy your purchase of this book. It won't disappoint!” --Crystal Roper (Amazon Customer)


“There's something for everyone in this story. There's great actions sequences, characters' emotional growth, some slight romance that isn't inappropriate for younger readers, and funny and well-written dialogue. The book does end on a slight cliffhanger again (like the first book), but it wasn't an extreme cliffhanger like some stories I've read. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing where book three goes and cannot wait to read it. This is a series that is getting better and if Solaris Seethes wasn't your favorite, I encourage you to stick with the series. Solaris Seeks is worth continuing.” -meitniear (Amazon Customer)


“Every bit of this novel captivates me and I am not a young adult so I would recommend this to anyone who loves sci-fi. McNulty never disappoints and she has made me turn into a lover of sci-fi which I hadn’t delved into before.” –Jarika (Amazon Customer)


“I absolutely loved this series and I liked the way the author goes about telling a little about the characters in a way that you almost don't need to read book one. So far this second book is the best of the series because the 1st is an introduction of characters.”-- skygazer1981 (Amazon Customer)


“The author does an excellent job of flowing from the first book to the second. Even if you have not read the first book in the series, the author gives you enough information that you can follow the story fairly easily. I would definitely recommend both the first book and this second book. If you are a fan of sci-fi books, you cannot go wrong with the Solaris series.” --Christy Cunningham (Amazon Customer)

Solaris Seethes

book 1


Every myth has a beginning.


After escaping the destruction of her home planet, Lanyr, with the help of the mysterious Solaris, Rynah must put her faith in an ancient legend. Never one to believe in stories and legends, she is forced to follow the ancient tales of her people: tales that also seem to predict her current situation.


Forced to unite with four unlikely heroes from an unknown planet (the philosopher, the warrior, the lover, the inventor) in order to save the Lanyran people, Rynah and Solaris embark on an adventure that will shatter everything Rynah once believed.


What Amazon readers are saying...


“You are in for a treat with some amazing world building and absolutely fantastic action sequences. The character development is spot on and McNulty leaves things off in just the right way to have you wanting more.” –Stuart


“This was like Battlestar Galactica meets Indiana Jones! A great book that got me hooked and has me wanting to read the next book in the series. Totally Enjoy!” - doll_finz


“Solaris Seethes would prove to be a great book to be gifted to a young adult. We find that while the story is quite enjoyable, there are also hidden moral lessons. There is no vulgarity or sexuality in any part of the book. The major focus is how to become a better person and understand one’s friends not just on the face value but also underneath which is seldom visible to others. …I eagerly look forward to the next book in the series and believe that the writer Janet McNulty has some more surprises for us in her sleeves.” - Sheryl "writersheryl"


“Janet McNulty grabs you right from the beginning of her new book series: Solaris Saga. This is a great book in the adventure/sci-fi genre that will keep you interested from beginning to end. … I personally was shocked by the ending but because of what did happen to the crew it makes me even more excited for the next novel to come out.” - Billie K

Solaris Strays

book 3


Sometimes your one enemy is yourself.

Left to die on the planet of Sunlil, Rynah and her companions find themselves alongside the one man they had thought was their enemy, Klanor, but who had been betrayed by Stein, a man he once trusted. They must abandon old hatreds and find a way off the volcanic planet before it erupts. Their Salvation comes from an old enemy: the Fragmyr Pirates.

Knowing that Stein has set his sights on Earth, Rynah decides to pursuer him there, but doing so means accepting Klanor’s help, a man she had vowed to kill.

But accepting the help of an ardent enemy is the least of Rynah’s problems. She discovers a secret, one that even Solaris seems to know nothing about: there is a seventh crystal.


What Amazon customers have been saying...


“McNulty seems to have a great grasp on creating a fantasy setting that transcends the reader through multiple environments and planets while still relaying the story in a way that feels comfortable to the reader.” —Kate B (Amazon Customer)


“It is an interesting story and a highly enjoyable one.” –Sheryl (Amazon Customer)


“You will not regret starting this series by Janet McNulty. She is a consummate writer and I will be actively seeking several other books by her that I seemed to have missed. She has become one of my favorite authors and I believe she will become one of yours too!” –caliope (Amazon Customer)


“As always with the Solaris books, this book is packed with sci-fi adventure that immerses you in a way that keeps you excited and you can't put it down.” —Ms.Davis (Amazon Customer)

Solaris Soars

book 4

Every Legend has an end

Wounded and dependent upon Klanor for help, and pursued by the FBI and Stein, Rynah treks across the New Mexican desert in search of Solaris and the others. Knowing that they are following a lead from the ancient poem, she and Klanor make their way to Albuquerque to rendezvous with them.


But Stein isn’t Rynah’s only worry; the president of the United States has issued an order to kill her on sight. Exhausted by Stein’s constant pursuit of her and the FBI’s complicit aid to him, Rynah and her crew resolve to take the fight to him and end his annihilation of Earth. While devising their plan, she discovers a secret Marlow kept from Solaris—her world and ours have been connected for thousands of years.


What Amazon customers have said...


“I must say, Janet McNulty goes the extra mile in closing out this series. She provides us with separate endings for each of the main characters and yet, impressively, she manages to tie everything back together and answer all our unspoken questions while doing so.” —calliope (Amazon Customer)


“Very enjoyable journey to save the universe from evil, and I always love a story where good conquers!”    —A. Richards (Amazon Customer)


“I am very satisfied with the last book in this series. I feel satisfied with the experience and am thrilled to have found a new favorite author for my Sci-Fi reading addiction. Spend an afternoon sky rocketing through enchanting galaxies and time periods while following along in the adventures of old friends with Solaris Soars!”—Kate B. (Amazon Customer)


“Although we follow several intertwined story lines through the book they all come together really nicely and you don’t get lost. The game of Thrones books had my head spinning and I couldn’t keep up with the pace of jumping back and forth, that doesn’t happen here. You are always well aware of the time and place and character you are reading about, despite all the time travel involved it doesn’t get confusing! The pace is about right, it might have been a little slow in places, but it still had me page turning.” —JLLERAS (Amazon Customer)


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