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Children's Books

The Fairy Who Series

The Fairy Who Lost a Tooth
Ages 2-8

Mary is off to bring home her very first tooth, but after getting caught in a gust of wind, she loses it! What is Mary to do? She can’t go back to the other fairies without it. She searches through the streets of the city, but the tooth remains lost.


Poor Mary!


Will she find it before the sun comes up?

The Fairy Who Got Lost
Ages 2-8

Mary is hiking through the woods. As she admires the blooming flowers, warm sunshine, and beauty surrounding her, she realizes that she has no idea where she is.

Poor Mary is lost!

Then, she hears an eerie howl.

The Dragon Who Series

The Dragon Who
was Afraid of the Dark
Ages 2-8

Petey is afraid of the dark. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees monsters, ghouls, trolls, and ghosts. What if they try to eat him? What if they take over his kitchen?


As Petey pulls the blanket over his head, he envisions a monster under his bed. Then, a crash sounds just outside his bedroom.


What is poor Petey to do?


The Dragon Who
Went to the Moon
Ages 2-8

Petey always wanted to go to the moon. He would sit outside and wonder what it was like to be up there. Would he meet the man that resided there? What sort of people lived there?


As he stares at the moon, his eyes close and he begins to doze, wondering what marvelous things await him up there.



The Dragon Who
Found a Monster Party
Ages 2-8

It’s raining outside and Petey is bored. There is nothing to do. A noise escapes from his closet. What is it?


Petey goes to investigate and hears dancing music coming from inside. He opens up the door and finds stairs leading to a room below. Petey summons his courage and steps inside, but what will he find?



The Dragon Who
Found a Spider in his Shoe
Ages 2-8

Petey is looking for his shoe, but when he finds it, there is a spider inside!The spider is not happy in the least. He crosses his arms, displaying his anger.


Petey must have his shoe, but he can’t leave the spider without a home. What is he to do?




The Dragon Who
Explored the Sea
ges 2-8

Petey has always wanted to explore the sea. So he puts on his snorkel and fins and dives right in.


He swims amongst seaweed, fish, and crabs eating crepes, but what else will he discover on his underwater adventure?




The Dragon Who
Caught a Cold
Ages 2-8

Poor Petey doesn’t feel well. His nose is all stuffy and beginning to swell. His throat is sore and he coughs all the more.


He tries making tea and drinking orange juice, but finds no relief. What will poor Petey do?





The Mr. Chili Series

Mr. Chili's Chili
Ages 6-9
​All Mr. Chili wants is to make the perfect bolw of chili, but he just can't seem to make it right.
Mr. Chili's Halloween
Ages 6-9
It's Halloween and Mr. Chili's house appears to be haunted.
Mr. Chili Goes To School


Ages 6-9
Mr. Chili's first day of school doesn't quite go well.
Mr. Chili's Christmas
Ages 6-9

It's Christmas and Mr. Chili and his friends are waiting up for Santa Claus.

Other Books for Children

Ages 6-9

Welcome to the town of Rhymes-a-lot

Where its citizens are a quirky lot.

Clockmakers, lamplighters, maids, and squirrels

Will take you on quite a whirl.

So stop on by and say, "Hello."

Don't be shy. It'd be a shame to see you go

Mrs. Duck and
the Dragon
Ages 6-9

A dragon egg! That is what Mrs. Duck finds one morning while out for a walk. She takes it home and out pops a dragon. Can Mrs. Duck find something for him to eat before she becomes the menu.
How Do You
Catch An Alien?
Ages 3-5

How would you catch an alien?

Would you...

  • Use a rope?

  • Ice cream?

  • A rug?

Are You the
Monster Under
My Bed?
Ages 3-5

Poor Sally can't get to sleep. She knows that there is a monster under her bed. Is she brave enough to find out who it is? Great book for those learning to read.

The Hungry
Washing Machine
Ages 6-9

The washing machine is scary. It might eat the house!

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