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Where Trouble Roams

Where Trouble Roams


Book 6 in the Bestselling Mellow Summers Cozy/Paranormal Mystery Series.


Yee-Haw! Mel’s out west and murder isn’t far behind.


While on vacation with her aunt and Jackie on a dude ranch in South Dakota, a dead body shows up in her room. In an area she does not know very well it is up to Mel and her friends to solve the mystery. During the investigation Rachel shows up and so does the ghost of Jedidiah: a man who died in the late 1800s.


With one turn after another Mel soon finds herself on a treasure hunt. Can she and her friends solve the murder and find the treasure before the killer finds them?


What others have said about The Mellow Summers Series:


"It's a great read from beginning to end."


"Avid mystery readers will gain a valuable addition to their authors collection."


"Love the characters and the trouble they manage to get into. Very easy read and very hard to put down until you're finished."


"Another great one with lost of turns and just good writing."

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