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Trick Or Treat Or Murder

Trick Or Treat Or Murder


Book 8 in the Bestselling Mellow Summers Cozy / Paranormal Mystery Series.


A murder on Halloween? Who would have thought that?


Halloween has arrived and so has everyone’s favorite ghost: Rachel. Invited to a Halloween party, Mel and her friends hope to enjoy a night of fun. The party soon turns sour when a man turns up dead during a murder mystery game.


While Detective Shorts is busy questioning everyone who attended the party, Mel and her friends start their own investigation. Soon they find themselves digging into secrets best forgotten—the hostess’ mysterious sister and a lost will—and an underground tunnel that the murderer used to sneak into the mansion. Will Mel be able to solve this case before the night ends and the killer disappears?


What others have said about Trick Or Treat Or Muder:


"I would highly recommend the book for the teenaged reader or the adult looking to read a short fun story."


"Really enjoying this series. Well written and cute. Fun to read and should be great for all readers who enjoy mystery books."


"It leaves the reader contemplating the mystery in their head and trying to piece it together, just like a good Sherlock Holmes read. Recommended."


"I would recommend this to readers who enjoy mysteries, especially clean mysteries that rely on plot rather than explicit murder, etc. While younger readers who are drawn to series like Nancy Drew will enjoy it, it is also a good read for adults."

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