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Tempered Steel

Tempered Steel


Like steel, an individual’s strength is forged by fire.


Book 2 in the Dystopia Trilogy


Exiled from Dystopia, Dana is forced to wander in the barren wasteland until she chances upon a small settlement. There she meets a man named Sampson who introduces her to a new way of life; one that involves independent achievement. Learning the value of living independently, for the first time Dana is able to decide her own fate and manages to create a new life for herself.


Then Kenny shows up, lost and confused like she was. Unable to leave him in the desert, Dana takes him in, but Kenny misses Dystopia and attempts to bring it there. Soon trouble arises and everything Dana has worked hard to achieve is in peril.


Back home, riots plague Dystopia, resources are more limited, and the resistance is gaining strength fueled by Dana’s courage. Furious at her escape and what she has started, President Klens orders Dana to be found at all costs and puts Colonel Fernau in charge. Obsessed with finding her himself, he will stop at nothing to get revenge.


The eyes are always watching.


What other Amazon customers are saying about this dystopia young adult novel:


"All in all, an interesting mix of characters which meld really well together. Am looking forward to the next part in the fall. Highly recommended." --A Navy Vet...VT town A Top 500 Reviewer


"Janet McNulty is a wordsmith, and gives us all a warning of the future. Bravo!" --J. Rogers Barrow "Prince Consort"


"Unlike many self published authors on Amazon who fall into the trap of having too much dialogue, this book nicely balances that with plenty of description and internal though by the characters which really helps the reader imagine the scenes being painted by the author." --ThatGuy2000


"Tempered Steel is a thrilling read! The author, Janet McNulty provides a delightful story that is enthralling . You will not want to put this book down. The characters and plot are well thought out. You will enjoy this book." --Dolores Butler

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