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Solaris Seeks

Solaris Seeks


Book 2 in the Solaris Saga


A teen & young adult science fiction series full of action, adventure, mystery, and a little bit of time travel.


Regret is the bane of every heart.


Following the tragic battle with Klanor, sorrow fills the crew aboard Solaris. Rynah locks herself in her quarters, refusing to speak with the others, but Solaris convinces her to put aside her grief and continue the mission Marlow had entrusted to her. During a meeting in the ship’s galley, Rynah and the crew resolve to pursue the next crystal.


While on their way to a volcanic planet where the crystal is rumored to be, Rynah and her crew are almost killed by an ion storm and are forced to land on an outlying planet. While there, Rynah dreams she hears a familiar voice screaming her name, a voice with a startling message: Brie is still alive!


But where is she?

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