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Hickory Dickory Dock The Ghost In The Clock

Hickory Dickory Dock The Ghost In The Clock


Book 12 in the Mellow Summers Cozy Mystery Series


Mel receives a phone call from Detective Shorts asking her to come down to the new amusement park that has just opened. When she arrives, she learns that a man has died and the detective wants to use her ability to converse with ghosts to help solve the mysterious death. Unable to get anything, Detective Shorts sends her home.


Hours later, Mel finds herself being badgered by the dead man’s spirit only to learn that he had overheard two men planning to commit murder, but he doesn’t know who the two men are or who the intended victim is. It’s a race against time for Mel to prevent a homicide before she ends up on the killers’ list. Can she discover who the victim will be before it’s too late?

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