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Double, Double Nothing But Trouble

Double, Double Nothing But Trouble


Book 10 in the  Mellow Summers Cozy / Paranormal Mystery Series.


The Candle Shoppe has been robbed!


Mel has just returned from her romantic getaway with Greg, but all is not well in the college town she lives in. When opening the Candle Shoppe the next morning, she finds that it has been ransacked, but nothing is missing. While investigating why someone would break into the store, but not take anything, Mel learns of a secret that goes back 20 years.


To add to her troubles, someone tries to murder Detective Shorts and an up and coming journalist, who does not believe in mediums or ghosts, plans on exposing Mel as a fraud.

Can Mel solve this head twister of a mystery, and save her reputation, before it claims her as well?


What other readers have said about this fun, cozy mystery series:


"...a well written story, great characters, excellent plot, good timing, a seemly fitting end, and overall a great read! Like my friend, I too, will be waiting on the next installment to come out." --Dennis Walker

"Just can not stop reading these just one right after the other and another and just keep going. As long as they keep coming I will keep reading." --Amy Hafner

"Janet McNulty did it again but, with a twist. If you have been reading the series and even if you haven't you will enjoy this book." --schirmer

"The book is well written and you'll quickly find yourself wrapped up in the story as Mel works to solve the murder." --anduffy3

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