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Book 1 in The Enchained Trilogy


Having spent her entire life secluded in the Martial Training Corps, Noni passes the final test, achieving the coveted position as arbiter of Arel. Placed under the tutelage of a seasoned veteran, Noni will see her city for the first time and learn that not everything is as she had been taught to believe.


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Book 2 in The Enchained Trilogy

Recent terror attacks on Arel have put the city on edge as unrest brews, threatening to consume what peace is left, and Noni finds herself trapped between helping the ones she cares about and doing what is expected of her. Burdened by conflicted feelings, she must face her innermost demons and decide if she will be the arbiter she trained to be, or if she will give in to the rebellion brewing within her.


Release Date: TBA

Status: I am currently writing chapter 24.


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Book 3 in The Enchained Trilogy

Rebellion grows among the people of Arel, putting Noni in a dangerous position as President Tapiwa watches her every move, but she is not the only one. Noni finds herself being followed by a mysterious figure. As discontent grows, Noni’s own rebellious spirit yearns to break free, but the cost may be more than she can bear. As the unrest continues, Noni learns a dark secret that will force her to make a choice: one from which there is no escape.

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